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Personal Training

Kelly Britton

Kelly is the owner of Giverny Fitness Studio in addition to being a certified Personal Trainer and group exercise instructor.  She has a certificate in Sports Nutrition, earned her M.S. in Occupational Therapy in 1997, has been certified as a group exercise instructor for 12 years and as a personal trainer for 7 years .  Kelly has a broad knowledge of health & fitness, and her love for helping others start and stay on the path to a healthy lifestyle is evident in all she does.  

Kelly instructs Body Sculpt, Zumba, Lifelong Fitness, & TRX.  She has developed classes in belly dancing, Salsa dancing, agility programs for youth, mobility classes for joint pain, and specialized classes for older and de-conditioned participants, to name a few.  Kelly will happily work with you to meet your fitness goals!

Amanda Webb

We are excited to welcome Amanda Webb back to our staff as a Personal Trainer! Amanda has 23 years of coaching experience, 7 years of experience as a fitness instructor, and has been certified as a personal trainer since 2009. Her involvement with various groups, ranging from beginner to national caliber, gives her a unique perspective in working toward goals with individuals of all fitness levels.

Amanda has a passion for fitness and an understanding of the struggles many face when continuing or returning to a fitness regimen. Working together with clients, she will customize a plan for their specific goals, observe technique, and help with diet and lifestyle plans relevant to goals as needed. Call today to schedule a personal training session with Amanda!


Brooke Gareiss

Brooke Gareiss graduated from Huntington University with a degree in Exercise Science & a minor in Psychology.  Her previous experience in personal training, group fitness, & fitness programming prepares her to successfully lead small training groups & motivate clients to keep moving, challenge themselves, & reach goals. We are excited for Brooke to join us with her fresh, new ideas & energetic approach to training. She comes to us ACE certified in personal training & is excited to join the Giverny team! Call today to set up sessions with Brooke, & let her guide you to a healthier you.



Personal Coach

At Giverny Fitness Studio, we love to help people change their lives. We know there is no quick-fix to fitness. No protein bar, no 10-minute workout, no 1-week diet is going develop into a healthy lifestyle. We know it takes commitment, support, encouragement, and hard work. Most of us know that weight training and cardio are the keys to fitness and weight loss, but we don't always know how to do it. How much weight? How many reps? How long on the treadmill? With Personal Coach, our trainers provide a systematic plan for developing endurance, strength and cardiovascular health, and are committed to guiding and supporting our clients. The goal of our training program is to give clients a quality workout that makes efficient use of your time.

Our Personal Coach program is different than a traditional personal trainer, where you pay a high fee for an hour and are on your own the rest of the time. With Personal Coach, our trainers are here for you every day, to help and encourage you throughout your workout. No appointments are needed after the initial fitness assessment, and we encourage you to work out as often as fits your schedule. Whether your goal is to improve your quality of life or to improve your athletic performance, Personal Coach provides a systematic and scientific approach to all of your training needs.

Our head trainer, Jim Mills, developed the Personal Coach training program through years of experience training and coaching. Personal Coach combines periodization and super-set training to stimulate muscle confusion. Every two weeks we change your weights and repetitions, working in all areas of muscle development, from muscular endurance to muscular strength.

New clients receive an initial fitness assessment, for which you need an appointment. After the assessment, Jim puts a personalized plan together, and the trainers set the weight machines and give you a basic introduction to the fitness center. After that initial assessment, no appointment is necessary. Simply come in anytime during business hours, and the trainer on staff will pull out your information and walk you through your workout. In the rare instances when there are several clients at once, the trainers will coordinate the flow through the fitness center so no one has to wait on machines.

Do you have a small group that wants to work out together?  Check out our Group Personal Training.

Our 50+ Program combines weight training through Personal Coach with classes for people over age 50.

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